Create Symmetry with Hard Element

Hardscape Installation

Hardscape installation is the term for built structures in our environments such as streets and sidewalks, highways and housing developments. It also includes pools, walls, fireplaces and fountains, and places where the barren soil has been overtaken by concrete and asphalt.

The Benefits

  • Provides structure
  • Visually appealing
  • Creates and defines spaces
  • Retain water

Sidewalks and patios are probably the most typical example of small-scale hardscaping. Sometimes they are larger in scale, such as roads or traffic islands. Most structures built to retain water are hardscapes because they have a water retaining barrier. Hardscaping lets workers build that would not be possible with soil erosion.

Dethatching and Aerating

A professionally aerated yard promotes the health and growth of grass and other plantings and encourages nature to thrive. Allow the team at Scott's Lawn Care the opportunity to provide dethatching and aeration services that help you achieve this goal.

The Benefits

  • Loosens compacted soil and opens it up
  • Allows roots to absorb the water and nutrients essential to growth
  • Destroys thatch and promotes beneficial earthworm activity

Lawn Dethatching Aeration Made Easy and Effective

Our effective lawn dethatching and aeration services will help your yard produce abundant growth and give it the upper-hand it needs to fight off compaction, drought, or disease.

Mulch and Washed River Rock

Loose materials and mulch make a beautiful material choice whenever you want to create borders, paths, or sections of your patio.

The Benefits

There are a variety of textures and colors available in loose stones. For formal to casual garden spaces, loose stones and mulches vary in style and provide contrast to your landscape. For a full selection of loose materials please visit Scott's Lawn Care.

Quality Lawn Installation and Repair

Lawn Installation and Repair

Contact us to conduct an evaluation of your lawn/soil to determine the best course of action.

The Benefits

Lawn Installation and Repair

Installing your new lawn or renovating your existing one can be a huge task. Your first choice is to seed or to sod your yard, or to go with artificial turf. With sod, the lawn is laid out in squares or rectangles. The sod pieces have tight root systems, discouraging the growth of weeds.

If you opt for seeds, you can do this by hand or spread a hydro seed, which includes papery mulch to encourage germination by helping to keep the seeds warm. It is sprayed on by a professional and will beautify your property with healthy, nutrient rich grass.

Professional Excavation


Contact us for your light excavation needs.

The Benefits

Scott's Lawn Care has a fleet of professional equipment and people ready to service your excavation needs. Allow us the opportunity to create your dream garden by properly preparing your lawn and garden by excavating heavy soil, rock and garden structures that are impairing the beauty or acceptability of any of your garden plans.

Please contact Scott's Lawn Care today to speak to one of our professionals and to set up a consultation.

Shrub and Tree Installation

Scott's Lawn Care provides shrub, perennial and tree installation. Trees and shrubs add beauty to your yard while providing natural privacy and screening. There is an art to tree, shrub and perennial installation. If you want your garden to thrive, rely on Scott's Lawn Care to plan and plant your landscape.

The Benefits

  • Adds beauty to landscape
  • Creates structure
  • Provides privacy