Snow Plowing and Removal Service

Snow Plowing/Shoveling

Provides snow plowing services to commercial properties to ensure safe, effective vehicle and pedestrian travel. Scott’s Lawn Care has an entire fleet of trucks equipped to handle large parking lots and roadways in any amount of snow. We provide services at any time of the day when snow falls to clear lots and sidewalks to ensure safety of customers and staff. We specialize in zero tolerance properties. This means that we will continue to keep your lot and sidewalks clear of snow and ice. Zero tolerance properties take precedence over properties which are a trigger of 1 inch or more of snow.

The Benefits

The Benefits

Absolute Landscaping has all the professional equipment and fleet for even the toughest snow job. Our experienced crew can be trusted to plow your roads or lots, and to perform sidewalk snow removal without damaging structures or personal property.


Don’t put yourself at risk trying to remove or shovel snow without the proper equipment. Our professional and trusted crew ensures your safety and the livelihood of your customers by clearing all roads and parking areas that lead right to your door. We’ll provide the peace of mind that keeps your business up and running during inclement winter conditions

Professional Snow and Ice Melting Service

Ice Management

We put down de-icing material to lots and sidewalks during and after snow events in order to make the surfaces more safe and easier to maneuver.

The Benefits


Gritting is applying small particles of sand, gravel, and salt to a surface in order to reduce the presence of ice. Often including hydrous sodium ferrocyanide as an anti-caking agent, the salt in grit helps break down ice both as an abrasive and by lowering the melting point of water. It is the first line of defense in ice management

Snow Clearance

Snow clearing is the removal of snow after accumulation. One of the ways this is done is de-icing, or the removal of ice once it has frozen to a surface. De-icers sometimes include various salts and chemicals which can lower the melting point of water. Snow plows are also a common solution in snow-heavy areas.

Keeping Streets Safe During Winter Condition


For a simple fix to your icy surfaces, our team can apply sand. Sand not only provides traction to prevent slipping, but also acts as an abrasive that can help break down the ice as it is walked or driven over. It can be a quick and easy fix to your icy problems.

The Benefits

  • Sand can be used to provide traction regardless of outdoor temperatures
  • Cost effective

Take That Snow and Shovel It


Shoveling can be burdensome. It takes not only effort, but the right equipment to do an effective job.

The Benefits

  • Expert professionals who can clear snow without causing property damage
  • No worries about how you’ll get from the garage to the end of the driveway
  • Avoid potential slips and falls
  • Spare your body the physical exhaustion

Absolute Landscaping will dig you out of your driveway or clear all the lots for your customers. There’s no need to have any woes when it snows… we’ll grab the shovels.